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Want to Accentuate Your Eyes? Learn How to Apply Mascara Like a Pro!

Want to Accentuate Your Eyes? Learn How to Apply Mascara Like a Pro!
April 13, 2019 Andrea
Natural eyelash enhancing mascara

Do you ever wish that your eyelashes were more pronounced, thicker, and more voluminous? Regardless whether you’re putting on your daytime or nighttime makeup look; mascara should always be a part of your makeup routine. It can completely transform your lashes and make them fuller and accentuated. Not to mention it brings out your eyes and draws attention to your face.

But how to apply mascara like a pro and make your eyelashes perfect?

Well, there are many mascara tricks you can use to accentuate your eyes and I’m going to cover the most important ones. So if you want to learn how to apply mascara like a pro, don’t miss out on this article!

Pick the Right Mascara

The first step to getting those luscious lashes accentuating your eyes by using mascara is to pick the right one. There are hundreds of different mascara brands and it’s often hard to choose the best one. All of them advertise longer, fuller, and more voluminous lashes. But let’s be honest, that’s often not the case.

There are many mascaras, both cheaper and expensive ones, that really don’t do the job and leave you with lumps on your lashes, or to put it simply, a huge mess, no matter how good your application technique is.

That’s why it’s imperative to choose a good, high-quality mascara.

I recommend that you try Xlash Mascara. I’ve been using it for months and it is hands down one of the best mascaras I have tried so far. It doesn’t make your lashes stick together, but actually makes them longer and voluminous. It is very versatile and can be used for many different looks, which I love.

Different Wand Types

As you know, different mascaras come with different wand types. You would be surprised how much the mascara wand affects the application of mascara. That’s why I recommend that you try a curved wand as Xlash Mascara comes with.

I have found it to be the best wand shape for perfect mascara application.


Mascaras also come in a lot of different colours. But although experimenting with unusual mascara shades can be very fun, I suggest that you stick with classic black for most of your looks. Xlash is a carbon black mascara which I have found is perfect for accentuating your eyes.

Apply Mascara Like a Pro

Now let’s get into how to actually apply mascara like a pro and emphasize your eyes.

Curl your Eyelashes

The first step is to use a curler to curl your eyelashes. All mascaras bring your lashes slightly down. So curling them beforehand helps with that, not to mention it opens up your eyes and makes them more accentuated.

Remove Excess Mascara from the Wand

This is a step many girls skip, but it’s absolutely essential. If you don’t remove excess mascara from the wand, you’ll end up with sticky and lumpy eyelashes. And that’s definitely not a good look.

So before you apply mascara, always remove excess product from the wand. It makes the world of difference!

Use the Right Technique to Apply Mascara

Now let’s get into the actual technique of applying mascara like a pro. Experts recommend that you start from the root of your eyelashes and then wiggle the wand as you move towards the end of your lashes. It helps if you look up while applying mascara.

That way, the product gets evenly dispersed and you avoid creating any lumps. Xlash Mascara has a curved wand which helps you to master this technique.

Also, make sure that you apply mascara to your top lashes firsts and move on to your bottom lashes.

Apply Another Coat of Mascara

After you apply the first coat of mascara, I suggest that you add one or two additional coats. This will accentuate your eyes and create a very dramatic look that you’ll love! However, if you’re going for a simple daytime look, one coat should be enough.

Clean Up Any Mascara Specks

No matter how skilled you are at applying mascara, there still might be some mistakes. And you’ll often notice small mascara specks around your eyes.

But don’t worry.

Simply wait for the mascara to dry completely. Then go in with a cotton swab and remove the black specks. It’s that simple!

Don’t Forget to Remove Mascara Before You Go to Bed

It’s also important to emphasize that you simply must remove mascara before you go to bed. If you leave your makeup on during the night, you can damage your eyelashes, not to mention you wake up to a huge mess on your face.

So always use makeup remover before you go to bed and protect your eyelashes.

PRO TIP: Using Eyelash Serums

If your eyelashes are very short or sparse, you might not get the results that you want even with mascara. If that’s the case, I suggest you try eyelash serums like Xlash Eyelash Serum.

If you apply it on your eyelashes regularly for one month, you will notice that your lashes got a lot longer and more voluminous. Xlash Eyelash Serum is a great natural way to enhance your eyelashes and make them long and luscious.


If you want to accentuate your eyes, applying mascara is a must. It has been used for years by women all over the world so it’s no wonder mascara is still one of the basic makeup tools that never goes out of fashion. It is one of the best ways to accentuate your eyes and complete your look.