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Xlash+Xbrow Kit
  • Xlash+Xbrow-Kit

Xlash+Xbrow Kit

$95.99 $83.99 (USD)

Buy Xlash Eyelash Serum 3ml and Xbrow Eyebrow Serum 3ml together as the perfect starter kit and you will save £10




Xlash is developed to make your eyelashes richer and longer in a natural way. Many people want to enhance their eyelashes in order to get a more personal look. Xlash has renewed the cosmetics. Now it is possible to get longer and richer eyelashes that lasts. Xlash gives strength to your eyelashes with help from natural ingredients. Many people can see result after just a few weeks.

Xbrow is an innovative eyebrow serum that gives tighter and fuller brows in 3-4 weeks. The active ingredients moisturizes your eyebrows and gives them strength. Brush once a day on clean and dry eyebrows.

The result gives you more shapely and dense eyebrows that enhances your personality.


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