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Xbrow Eyebrow Serum
  • Eyebrow enhancing serum
  • Eyebrow enhancing serum
  • Eyebrow serum
  • Xbrow eyebrow serum
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5 out of 5

What is Xbrow Eyebrow Serum?

Xbrow is an innovative eyebrow serum that gives tighter and fuller brows in 3-4 weeks. The active ingredients moisturizes your eyebrows and gives them strength. Brush once a day on clean and dry eyebrows.
The result gives you more shapely and dense eyebrows that enhances your personality.
*Contains 3 ML
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Eyebrow Serum in UK from Xbrow

You may have plucked, tweezed, shaped and used brow pencils on them for years, and are now reaping the poor rewards of such routines. With time and age, our brows, just like our eyelashes and hair, go through an adjustment and come in much sparser and lighter than before. Even without any added environmental damage, your brows are not what they used to be, and many people just want them back.Read More

There are two ways to achieve this goal. You can look into extreme permanent solutions such as an eyebrow transplant or medical use of intralesional cortisone, Rogaine or minoxidil. These solutions involve high costs and a rather troublesome process. The effects of these solutions (other than the transplant) are not permanent and it may take months to start seeing improvements in your brows. So, what’s the other option if you wish to avoid using stencils and brow makeup every day?We suggest using the Xbrow eyebrow serum to get the results you want the easiest way there is. The serum, much like an eyelash serum, enhances hair growth in your brows and it’s much faster than the techniques mentioned above. Keep reading to find out how to use our product and what to expect.

Usage of Xbrow eyebrow serum

It is actually a very simple process and consistency is what will get you the desired results. After removing all makeup from your face and cleansing it, simply apply a thin, even line of eyebrow serum at the roots of your brows. Do this nightly to see the incredible results in just 3-4 weeks. We do caution you against combining any other eye product with the serum on your brows. The use of eye creams below the eye or the brow is fine, as long as there is a distinct separation between the products.

What can you expect from our eyebrow serum?

You will definitely see fuller brows, where they once were sparse. Our tested ingredients can moisturise your brows and also strengthen them to withstand any harsh treatment such as makeup removal, facial masks and other skin care regimens. Our brows are often overlooked or overworked. Plucking them leaves us with thin, wispy and weakened eyebrows. When you use our eyebrow serum it also acts like an eyelash conditioner, to make them soft and healthy again. The Xbrow eyebrow serum transforms your brows to give you shapely and fuller brows in a much shorter time than medical options can, and for a much lower cost.After reaching the desired effect in approximately 30 days continue using Xbrow 2-3 times a week to keep up the appearance of your new brows, so they don’t revert back to their pre-serum look.

We are sure that once you have used our eyebrow serum and seen the incredible results on yourself, you will never want to have sparse brows again. Isn’t it time to try Xbrow eyebrow serum and have the look you want? We’ll leave you fully contented with your new, lovely brows!Read Less

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Xbrow is an innovative eyebrow serum that gives thicker and fuller brows in 3-4 weeks. The active ingredients moisturizes your eyebrows and gives them strength. Brush once a day on clean and dry eyebrows.
The result gives you better shaped and dense eyebrows that enhances your personality.


  1. Before using Xbrow it’s recommended that you first remove your make up and wash your face
  2. Bring out your Xbrow and gently remove the brush to reduce the risk of spillage
  3. Apply a thin line of Xbrow evenly on the roots of your eyebrows
  4. Repeat using Xbrow every night for 30 days to reach the best results

Benefits with Xbrow:

  • Helps your eyebrows to reach full potential in thickness
  • Your eyebrows will get stronger
  • Nice shape, dense and more defined eyebrows


  1. 5 out of 5

    Very satisfied with xbrow eyebrow serum, already have thicker eyebrows after just 2 weeks.

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