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Christmas Gift set Xlash + Xlash Mascara
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Christmas Gift set Xlash + Xlash Mascara

£62.00 £49.00 (GBP)

Xlash, Xlash Mascara Gift Set where you get a Curler for free: Now you can buy our uniquely packed Christmas Gift set to create the ultimate Christmas gift for yourself or someone you like. In this package you will find Xlash, Xlash Mascara and you will get a curler for free in the box. You will save 13 GBP when you buy this Christmas box. Order your box today to get it before Christmas.

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These products are included in the Christmas box:

Xlash is Sweden’s best-selling eyelash serum. Xlash is an iconic and unique serum for the growth of the eyelash, which increases the volume and length of your natural eyelashes.

Our innovative Xlash Mascara is both an aesthetically pleasing & caring product and enhances the effect of Xlash and Xlash Pro Serums. Xlash Mascara contains modified oils with special polymers to cover and surround each eyelash to ensure moisture resistance during the day

This product is available for free in your box:

Xlash Eyelash Curler allows you to bend like a pro and achieve longer, bent eyelashes in a few seconds. The make-up artist’s favorite, Xlash Eyelash Curler is a must in the makeup bag, and as effective as it’s elegant.