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Eyelash Serum – Get longer eyelashes with Xlash

Eyelash Serum – Get longer eyelashes with Xlash
October 30, 2017 admin2
Long lashes

Long, beautiful eyelashes have been a trend for long and it is not hard to understand why. Long, dense eyelashes makes the eyes look bigger, more sparkling and adds a natural framing to the eye. And the best of all, no matter if you wear make up or not, your lashes will still be there to shine. Just as beautiful on the beach as at a party!

To understand how Xlash works, it’s good to have some background information about how eyelashes work and why we have them. Here I give you all the info you need about the lashes growth and function!

Why do we have eyelashes?

The main task of the eyelashes is to protect the eyes from sunlight, dirt and dust. Those who lack eyelashes are more prone to eye infections, eye irritation and damages to the eyes while being exposed to sunlight. That’s something to always appreciate when you are annoyed about the sun being in your eyes – without your lashes it would have been even worse!

Eyelashes grow about 1 mm per day, unlike the hair on the head that grows 0.3-0.4 mm per day. This is because there are significantly more and larger blood vessels that can transport nutrients in the head than in the eyelids. The life span of an eyelash is 2-3 months with a 5-10 mm growth, unlike a hairline on the head that has a lifespan of 5-7 years. Theoretically, these hair strings could get up to two meters. However, they very rarely reach that length due to that the hair is exposed to much greater wear and damage than what the eyelashes do.

The three development phases of our eye lashes

1 The Anagen phase– The growth phase

This phase lasts between 30 and 45 days and this is the moment when the root of the hairline (hair follicle) becomes tall and bulky. Just like nails, a hairline is equal to dead material. It is only the part below the root that lives and causes the hair to grow. It is during this period that the eyelash grows and the root becomes big and well-rounded.

2 The Katagen phase – The transition phase

It is in this phase that the eyelash reaches its full potential in terms of length and the growth begins to decrease and finally completely cease. The hair follicle begins to lose its resiliency and the hair root begins to grow. This process will last for about 2-3 weeks.

3 The Telogen phase – A new eye lash starts to grow

This is when a new eyelash is shaped and begins to grow out. As mentioned in the Katagen phase, the eyelash hair follicle begins to shrink, and the new lash then pushes out the old one and continues to grow. You will lose eyelashes about every six weeks and it is completely normal that you sometimes lose many lashes at once and up to 50% of your total amount of lashes. It is normal to lose an equal amount of lashes on both eyes, but if you would notice a big difference of the remaining volume of lashes on your both eyes you should consult your dermatologist. Two weeks before the lashes fall off they are in their most beautiful shape – thick and full! 

How can I make the eye lashes grow and what can effect its growth?

Before and after eyelashes


Just like with any part of your body, stress affects the development of the eyelashes. Stress causes the lashes to go into sleep, but they will start growing again when your stress hormones are being reduced. When someone says “do not stress” it is sometimes very difficult to follow that suggestion, but if you try to plan your time and your life, then there you will set the foundation for as little stress as possible and your whole body will thank you for that!

Bad diet

The body needs vitamins and minerals to build its cells. Just as your body when feeling stressed, so can also your eyelashes adapt to a “sleep-mode” when they do not get the prerequisites they need in order to grow. Vitamin B, A, E and H (biotin) combined with magnesium and iron are important factors for the hair to grow.

Make up

That the lashes can break or fall off if you do not thoroughly remove your eye make up every evening is a statement you have probably heard before. Moreover, you should also avoid make up with strong ingredients that can cause eczema and make the skin irritated. It is really worth spending a little extra money on a quality mascara that is both gentle to the skin and easy to wash off.

Eyelash curler

After a while, the plastic placed on the eyelash curler will become worn and your lashes can be damaged or worn out by using an old eyelash curler. Therefore, be sure to check your curler on a regular basis and replace the damaged parts so that you can maintain your long, beautiful eyelashes in the future.


An inflammation of the skin is caused by increased fat production. It may cause you to lose some of your eyelashes and the eye will swell and hurt. Your grandma would tell you to “just bathe it with semi-warm water” to get rid of them but you would notice that that good old cure simply does not do anymore. Luckily, there are prescription-free products that help you to quickly get rid of a stye. Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have a problem with a stye.

How does the Xlash effect our eyelashes and what makes them grows so much more?

By stimulating and nourishing the hair follicles, the growth period is extended and the eyelashes becomes longer, stronger and fuller as you prolong the Anagen phase. Is there anything negative about Xlash? Yes, actually there is – once you start using Xlash you will never want to stop.