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Eyelash Growth Serum

Eyelash Growth Serum
September 12, 2013 Xlash
Beautiful Long lashes

An Eyelash Serum that Really Works

If you’re looking for an eyelash serum that really works, then try Xlash, our flagship product. With over 70,000 satisfied customers across the world Xlash is now available in the UK.

What more could you possibly neeed to know?

It contains natural ingredients including plant extracts and coral, in a formula which has been used to enhance eyelash growth for centuries in the Far East (that might be why Xlash is massive in Asia!. It works by stimulating the hair follicles in your eyelids, and extending the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes, so that they become longer, darker and thicker.

Eye makeup can work wonders but you can only do so much with thin or weak lashes. Whatever you can do with your lashes now if you improve the canvas on on which you are going to work (by enhancing and conditioning your lashes from the inside out) you will be able to do tenfold after you see the effects of Xlash.

So…. How much do you have to use it before you see effects?

<p<Well, you’ll generally see effects after about four weeks of using the serum, although we recommend that you keep using it for four to six weeks for best effect. The results last a long time, even if you do stop using it! Some people have reported effects lasting as long as a year after use, now that a long time!

The reason the effects of Xlash are so long lasting is that the conditioner works from the inside out stimulating the growth cycle which is actually a long and complicated process but we will be doing a blog post on the growth cycle in more detail later so please keep checking back!