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  • Autumn Eyes

    As summer quickly fades away faster than it even arrived this year, it is time to say goodbye to certain…

  • eye shapes

    Make your Eye Shape and Colour Work For You

    I don’t know about you but when I look on Instagram or the various makeup bibles on the internet, I…

  • Close up of womans eye and lashes

    Eyelash Care – Lets Spell it Out

    E is for Eyelashes Everyone has them, they all grow in different lengths and colours and we don’t always know…

  • Teen Make Up

    I Got 99 Problems but my Brows Ain’t One!

    We all have a lot going on in our lives. Even our free time becomes less free after a while…

  • smoking bad habits

    Break the Bad Beauty Habits

    Breaking habits that have become part of your life over the years can be quite hard, in fact so much…

  • Futuristic looking eyes

    Futuristic Faces

    What is the first thought that comes into your head when someone asks you to think of the future? Flying…

  • pair of lips

    In Search of the Perfect Pout

    Lips are amazing! We put them through so much, but we sometimes forget to take care of them the way…

  • glitter eyes and face

    Accessorise your Eyes

    Before your go reaching for your favourite pair of sunglasses, accessorising your eyes starts from the eyes themselves so don’t…

  • Applying eyelash serum

    Are Your Eyelashes in Need of a Boost?

    Have you started to notice your eyelashes aren’t looking as full and as long as they used to? It never…

  • black and white face

    What’s Your Secret Weapon?

    No matter who we are or where we are from, women everywhere have something they swear by as part of…