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What ingredients does Xlash contain?

What ingredients does Xlash contain?
July 15, 2016 Xlash

The Xlash formula is made of several natural plant extracts, including Coral extracts, Folium Isatidis, Cacumen Platycladi, Nigella Sativa, Fructus Chebulae, Radix Polygoni Multiflori Preparata.

Coral extract provides vital minerals and stimulates renewal of the skin. Various soft corals contains guaiazulene as main pigment. Its low melting point makes guaiazulene difficult to handle, in contrary to the crystallizing nature of Chamazulene. Guaiazulene is a cosmetic color additive, which is approved by FDA. It – or its 3-sulfonate – is a component in some skin care products along with other components which is soothing the skin, such as allantoin.

Folium Isatidis is enriched with amino acid and polysaccharides which is said to help activate and stimulate the growth of the hair follicles around the eyelashes.

Cacumen Platycladi does, according to Chinese medicine, have the power to cool the blood and stimulate hair growth, as well as making the hair darker.

Nigella Sativa has been used for centuries, and its oil has been used to treat skin conditions, like eczema and furunculus, and to treat cold symptoms.

Fructus Chebula contains terflavin B, a type of tannin and chebulinic acid can be found in the fruit. Chebulinic acid contains anti-oxidants.

Ploygonum multiflorum, also known as fo-ti is a Chinese herb which is said to have a youthful effect and it’s used for treatment of osteoporosis and to prevent the hair from turning grey too early, as well as a hair loss treatment.